Helping families in their darkest hour

Every year, our staff have to deliver bereaved families terribly sad news about the person they love, news which they deserve to hear in the right setting.

At such an emotionally challenging time, grieving relatives and friends desperately need their own space and the privacy to be together in a safe place as they come to terms with the news we never want to deliver.

We are asking you to help us help families have a quiet place in the James Paget’s Emergency Department to digest the worst news they will ever receive. With your help, they can have the dignity they desperately need.

The money raised from this appeal will focus on transforming an area in the Emergency Department to create a comfortable, calming space where families and loved ones can spend time processing sad news.

While we cannot make the news any easier to receive, we can help to make an incredibly distressing experience just a tiny bit easier for the families that need the support of the James Paget University Hospital’s bereavement services.

Please help us to help families in their darkest hour by donating to our Raise a Rainbow appeal.