COVID 19 Update

We are seeing fantastic support from our local community which is very much appreciated. PPE and other essential items are being supplied to the Trust by central government, so we may not be able to enact wishes for those that have been specific about purchase of particular items.  Your kind and generous donations will still go towards making improvements for our staff and patients.

Our patients are relying on us – let’s help Raise a Rainbow for the James Paget University Hospital and help make everyone’s time at the hospital a little brighter.

The Raise a Rainbow Appeal – under the umbrella of the James Paget University Hospital Charity – is a dedicated fund which will encompass our current ward appeals.

Our first two projects are both for our refurbished Accident and Emergency Department.

A children's play environment, as visiting an emergency department can be daunting for patients - especially little ones who can often feel scared and anxious.  We want to create an area with sensory equipment and brightly-coloured walls to help children feel comfortable while they wait for treatments or for their sibling to be seen.  Please note that due to the covid pandemic our plans for this have had to be streamlined to ensure that we comply with current guidelines.

A bereavement suite, as every year our staff have to deliver bereaved families terribly sad news about the person they love, news which they deserve to hear in the right setting.  At such an emotionally challenging time, grieving relatives and friends desperately need their own space, quiet and privacy to be together in a safe place as they come to terms with news we never want to deliver, and the worst news they will ever receive.

Two very different projects but both will bring comfort to patients and make a real difference to their time at the James Paget University Hospital – and we are relying on your help to reach our goals.

We don’t replace NHS money but through generous donations we are able to add extra value and support pioneering and innovative work for the benefit of those that need us. It’s these extras – some small, some large – above and beyond the scope of the NHS budget that really make a difference.

Thank you for supporting us.