Julie Smith

A year ago (May 20th) we found ourselves sitting in the A&E department of the James Paget Hospital after Lily was involved in a sporting accident. Little did we know the severity of her injury until numerous x-rays and consultations confirmed what our instincts had told us. As a lot of you know, Lily suffered a tri fracture to her right tibia and growth plate. It was made very clear to us that Lily would need surgery once the surgeon could work out how best to fix it. They had never seen anything like it before. Following more than two hours of surgery, Lily spent the next 3 days trying to manage the pain and cope with a full leg cast. This became her loyal companion for the next 7 weeks!

A year on, Lily is back to full fitness and thankfully will have no long-lasting effects. We are forever indebted to the incredible care and expertise Lily and our family received from all of the staff at the hospital. From the doctors and nurses to the physios and porters, they all helped Lily make the best recovery she ever could. Watching them work tirelessly day and night, seeing to our every need was truly humbling and so we feel we are now in a position to give something back.

Lily and I (Julie her mum) have therefore decided to challenge ourselves to run a marathon over the course of a week for the duration of Lily's primary recovery period. This means that for the next 7 weeks Lily and I between us will be running a marathon a week. Lily will run the distance of 6.2 miles every week and I will cover the remaining 20 miles. It's something that neither of us has ever attempted before but feel in this current climate that we can offer our support to such an amazing cause.

We would appreciate any support you can give, even if it's simply cheering us on as we run around the town. We have various routes planned!

Many thanks!

The Smiths

Julie Smith