Hi my name is Jonny and I have been living in East Anglia for the past 18 years.  Now and in that time  the James Paget University Hospital has saved the lives of my Mother and Sister, been the birthplace of my children and provided end of life care for my Father, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2013.  

Last year I ran for Cancer Research UK in honour of my Dad and this year I wanted to raise money for a worthy cause closer to home who at some point, will have made an impact on the Community I live in, by running the London Marathon for the James Paget University Hospital.  

We have spent the last year applauding the NHS and the superhero effort they have put into bringing us through this pandemic, so if you can, please help an ordinary bloke, who is probably going through a midlife crisis, raise some cash for our local superheroes.

Thank you.

Jonny Ball