Plan your fundraising!

Every day brings new challenges at the James Paget University Hospital meaning that every day is a chance for you to help us make a difference.

Our wonderful hospital depends on charitable support to give us the best chance to fulfill our potential and help our patients, their families and our staff.

Together, we can make the James Paget even better for you.

Thanks to the fantastic fundraising of our charity supporters, the James Paget University Hospital Charity (Registered Charity Number: 1050406) provides funding for the important equipment, projects and the vital extras that fall outside the remit of National Health Service funding.

Money raised by fundraisers and which is given as gifts by supporters means that we can fund projects that can have a hugely positive impact on the lives of patients, their families and our hard-working staff at the  James Paget.

Charity cash is used to support all areas of the James Paget from the Emergency Department to the Children’s Ward, our Dementia-friendly initiatives to our neonatal unit to research and items of equipment.

No matter what you donate, we can guarantee you that it will make a difference to everyone at the Paget. Thank you so much for helping us: together we can make the James Paget even better for everyone.


Check out our A to Z of fundraising ideas on our website or organise your own event which can raise funds for your hospital. Whether you hold a sponsored silence or brave the shave, jump from a plane or try Dry January and donate the money you save to the Paget, there are plenty of ways to raise money.

Don’t forget to let us know what you’ve been up to – send your pictures and include the hashtag

Your safety and wellbeing is our priority so, with this in mind, please follow our fundraising guidelines and ensure you adhere to all laws and health and safety regulations when organising and holding your event.


Please make sure that it is clear that you are fundraising in aid of the James Paget University Hospital Charity and that your activities are not representing or organised by the charity. The charity cannot accept any responsibility for your event or anyone who participates in it. We advise that all fundraisers seek advice regarding public liability insurance if your event involves the general public. There are a range of companies available to provide this.

The rules!

1) Ensure you will comply with the local council‘s guidelines regarding fundraising and relevant health and safety regulations.

2) If conducting cash collections in aid of the James Paget Hospital Charity, you will abide by the guidelines on cash collections

3) You will only use lawful means to fundraise for the charity and must not do anything which harms or is likely to harm our reputation.

4) You can only use the charity logo on promotional material relating to your fundraising activity. Please send this to us to be approved. Our charity number must be included. Our name and logo may not be used for any other purpose.

5) You will agree to make it clear to donors and participants that funds donated will support the James Paget University Hospital.

6) You agree that the charity does not accept responsibility or liability for an event or collection activity that you hold and that you are participating in this activity at your own risk.

7) You agree that the James Paget University Hospital can disassociate itself from any fundraising event at any time.

 If you have any questions, please call 01493 453348 or email [email protected]

Cash collections

All street collections or collections on public property will need to be registered with the local authority, who will issue a collection licence. Those on private property will require the permission of the property owner/manager. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to collect money through public collections.

If you’re holding street collection you’ll need to obtain a licence from your local council ( Some applications require further information about the charity, so if you’re unsure, please contact us at [email protected].

Please do not conduct any door-to-door requests for donations or sponsorship in aid of the charity. These require a license from local authorities and we do not support this activity, other than through the use of trained third party organisations.

Your event

Ensure your event is organised efficiently and safely by completing a risk assessment and considering what insurance cover or any special licences you may need from your local council, such as a public entertainment licence or a licence to sell alcohol.

All promotions of your event should clearly state whether all funds raised at the event will go to the charity or whether any money will be used to pay for any costs. For example: ‘ticket price of £20 for dinner and entertainment. Fundraising on the night via raffle and auction for the James Paget University Hospital Charity’.

If selling food, contact the Environmental Health department at your local council for advice.

Fundraise at work

Raise a Rainbow at your workplace to help the patients at the Paget.

Get together with colleagues or customers to #RaiseaRainbow – taking part is easy, just put a rainbow spin on a fundraising idea and help us raise the funds we need to make the James Paget even greater!

Whether you organise a rainbow dress down day, ask colleagues to wear one colour only to form your very own rainbow or just make us your designated charity for the day, week, month or year, supporting us through your work is a fun and rewarding way to motivate your team and show your organisation’s commitment to helping care for our patients. Don’t forget Gift Aid and ask your company if it offers match funding for donations.

Working with children

Extra care should be taken if your event involves children. This should include proper adult supervision and you should carry out background checks if adults or suppliers at your event are to have unsupervised access to children. Some other things to consider when fundraising with children include:

  • Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to purchase raffle tickets.
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to take part in bucket collections.

If children are photographed at your event, you should seek permission from their parent or guardian before doing so.

Raffles and lotteries

Holding an auction or raffle at your event is a great way of generating big funds with minimal costs. There are strict laws relating to all lotteries and raffles. There may be circumstances when a license may be required.



The simplest way to organise a raffle is to have one as an additional fundraising activity at an existing event. This is known as an incidental lottery and does not require a license or registration with your council to run. This could be run during your afternoon tea, school fete, dress down day or charity ball.

To run an incidental lottery, make sure your raffle meets these requirements:

  • This type of raffle can only be held as part of an event. If your event lasts more than one day, such as over a weekend, you may sell tickets on both days.
  • The prize draw can be held during the event or after it has finished. Participants must be advised when the draw takes place when they purchase tickets.
  • Children under the age of 16 may not sell or buy tickets.
  • Deductions for prizes must not exceed £500, although it is best practise to have these donated to help you raise as much money as possible.
  • Tickets should be sold at a standardised price for participants.

Small Society Lotteries

Small Society lotteries are lotteries promoted for the benefit of a non-commercial society, for example, for charity or to support a sporting, athletics or a cultural society activity.

For these, tickets can be sold in advance and the draw can be advertised to the general public. To run a small society lottery, a license from the Gambling Commission is not required but you must register your raffle with your local authority licensing department, incurring a fee of about £40 – this license will last for a year.

Make sure your small society lottery meets these requirements:

  • A small society lottery can raise up to £20,000 in a single draw and up to £250,000 over a year.
  • You will need a person registered as the ‘promoter’, who is responsible for the lottery and what must be printed on all tickets.
  • You can register your name or group as the promoter raising money for the James Paget University Hospital Charity, but not under the charity name as we hold our own license.


Unlike raffles and lotteries, auctions have the benefit of not falling under gambling law.

Here are a few tips for running your auction, and some legislation you should be aware of before you start:

  • If the auction is being held as part of another event, send a list of auction prizes (together with terms and conditions) out with the final information to your guests. That way they’ll come knowing what they want to bid on.
  • Display high-value items in a prominent place during the event and get a volunteer to walk them around during the bidding.
  • Make sure you value any items correctly. You will also need to think about a potential reserve price and provide these to the auctioneer. A general practise is that there is a 10 per cent discretion on any reserve price.
  • Silent auctions are great ways to give an auction a boost and include people who can’t make it on the night. You will need to be aware of the Distance Selling Regulations, available on the Institute of Fundraising’s website with more guidance on how to run an auction.
  • Establishing terms and conditions is important to help avoid problems later. For example, what would you do if the auction prize was no longer available? What will you do if someone decides they no longer want to purchase the auction item?

Is there an expiry date for any prizes?

Prize competitions and free draws

Neither a prize competition or a free draw require licenses. A prize competition can have a cost to enter but requires the participant to have certain knowledge or skills that will limit the number of people who can win – in other words, ask people to answer a question or be the first of a certain number to win. Rules must be made clear to all participants.

A free draw can only request a voluntary donation and can be used as an addition to other fundraising events and activities.

You can also visit for more information

Tell us about your event: email [email protected]

Using the charity logo

If you would like to use the charity logo to help advertise your event or your fundraising activity please contact the fundraising team by emailing [email protected] to discuss your event.

Third party data handling

As part of your fundraising, or at your event you may come in contact with personal data and information belonging to people involved in your activity. You are responsible for ensuring that any paper or electronic data you hold complies with the Data Protection Act 2018.

As a rule of thumb, keep any data you have stored securely and safe from loss, damage or unauthorised access. Do not keep data for any longer than you need it and do not share information about someone without their permission.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is an easy way to maximise your fundraising – but there are strict rules. Gift Aid cannot be claimed on ticket sales, raffle ticket sales, winning auction bids or anything other than an individual donation. Also, it cannot be claimed on behalf of a group or as part of a collection. Find out more about Gift Aid at

Event License

Some activity may require a temporary event notice. You can contact your local authority to check or find out more information on the government website:

Handling cash and sending in your donation

Ensure there are two people present when you are counting any money raised and please make sure that all donations collected are sent to the charity within six weeks of collection. You can pay in your donation online or find information on other ways to donate on our website.  If you prefer we can take receipt of your monies and put any cash/notes through our counting machine.

Set up a fundraising page

Raising money online for the James Paget University Hospital Charity couldn’t be simpler – all it takes is a few clicks!

Lots of our wonderful fundraisers use online giving pages such as JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving, both of which help us to raise money to help thousands of people living in our community.

It makes a real difference if you tell people your reasons for fundraising and include a photo. The money comes direct to us, so you don't even have to collect it.

Thank you so much for helping the Paget – your fundraising helps us to make a world of difference to the people who need us most.

How to set up a JustGiving Fundraising Page

It's quick and easy to set up a Fundraising Page. Just follow the steps below:


  1. Create an account or log into your account and click ‘Start Fundraising'. 
  2. When asked 'Are you fundraising for a registered charity?', select 'Yes, continue' 
  3. Search for the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation 
  4. Let JustGiving know whether you're taking part in an event, celebrating an occasion, fundraising in memory or doing your own thing 
  5. If you can't see your event listed, select ‘Add your own’ at the bottom of the page and tell JustGiving a bit more about your activity 
  6. Choose your web address – this is the link you’ll be sharing with friends and family when asking them to donate 
  7. Tick 'Yes' if you're running a bake sale, or selling tickets to an event, raffle or auction. Donations to your Page won't be eligible for Gift Aid. Find out more here 
  8. Click ‘Create your page’. Job done! Your Fundraising Page is now set up and ready to accept donations which will be sent directly to the Paget 
  9. Please identify where you would like the money you have raised to go to if it is for a specific appeal or area

How to set up a Virgin Money Giving Fundraising Page

 Here’s our five-step guide to setting up a fundraising page to be proud of: 

  1. Go to and visit the Virgin Money Giving sign-in page. Enter a few simple details such as your name, address, a password and your contact preferences (unless you have already registered in the past).
  2. Choose the option most relevant to you – either ‘take on a personal challenge’, ‘create a personal fundraising page’ ‘raise money in memory’ or ‘take on a team challenge’.
  3. Tell Virgin Money Giving why you are fundraising and you will be directed to your very own brand new fundraising challenge page! Here, you’ll be able to enter a short description of what you’re doing to raise money – whether you’re joining in a big event, doing your own thing or celebrating something special – and the date or deadline you’re doing this by.
  4. Select your charity. Search for James Paget University Hospitals Charitable Fund. As you select your charity, it will appear under a ‘Your selected charities’ section at the bottom of the page.
  5. Finalise your fundraising page.At the bottom of the page click ‘Create my page’, and that’s it – your fundraising page is now live. Congratulations, you’re now an online fundraiser!
  6. Please identify where you would like the money you have raised to go to if it is for a specific appeal or area

Why fundraise online?

Online fundraising has grown massively in the past few years. If you’re looking to be a successful fundraiser, a page online where friends, family, colleagues – and even strangers who’ve been touched by your cause – can donate is essential.

You can share your page on your social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and email it to friends and family to ensure that as many people as possible see what you’re doing for the Paget.

It makes giving easy for you and for those who donate and if you’re a UK taxpayer, you can automatically reclaim at least 25 per cent in Gift Aid on your donation at no additional cost to you.