We are grateful for every penny you donate or raise for the James Paget University Hospital Charity and understand that sometimes, it’s important for you to donate to a particular ward or cause that means a great deal to you.

We would also like to draw to your attention to the advantages and benefits of donations being made for the general purposes of the charity meaning that your money goes to the project which needs it most straight away, the areas of greatest need.

These projects enhance patient experience or go towards the purchase of equipment beyond what the NHS provides for – we call this fund our General Fund.

Wards can put in requests for a project to be funded and our Trustees will then decide whether the request is a good use of your donations and if it will enhance the work of the hospital.

If the project is approved, we begin fundraising. Once we've met our target, we purchase the equipment ready to help our wonderful patients.

You can make a donation to be invested wherever the need is greatest, enabling us to respond to urgent patient need quickly and effectively. Thank you for your help and your kindness – it really does make a world of difference