As surgeons, we care about patient outcome stemming from our own personal experiences.
Personally, for me, following the diagnosis of lymphoma, the amazing JPUH staff supported me in my difficult journey from diagnosis to treatment at the Paget. My Haematologist treated me with innovative and latest world-class chemotherapy regimens, and I am here to tell the story after 6 years. Thanks to Paget, I have kept my spirits high and my fidelity skills to treat my own patients with the same passionate care that I was shown by the staff of Paget. Therefore, join me in this journey to raise funds for the hard-working staff at the James Paget, who in this past year has shown extra-ordinary dedication and hard work. As we ride through 55 miles from London to Brighton this September, please donate generously for our local superheroes here at the Paget (Consultant Surgeon Mr Vamsi Velchuru).

I have a special connection with James Paget as I was trained here as a junior doctor. During my formative years as a junior doctor and a budding surgeon, I had the friendliest and caring training environment here at the Paget. Having worked in different hospitals up-and-down the country, I realised I missed the community spirit and gracious acceptance of our local population here at the Paget, therefore when the opportunity arrived to consolidate my practice as a Consultant, it only felt natural to return to my roots having worked in such a friendly environment before. Therefore raising funds for JPUH charity is my way of showing my appreciation to our hard-working staff at the James Paget, as well as an opportunity to raise funds for our local population, our patients and their families who rely on our Hospital. Please fund our cause as we cycle down 55 miles between London and Brighton this September, to support our local heroes at James Paget Hospital (General Surgeon Christopher Liao)

I joined the Paget in 2004, as a clinical fellow. Since then, I have had the privilege of working within a friendly, hard-working community. JPUH is a special place to me as it is here I embarked upon my Urological career, as a younger medical professional. I am very grateful to have trained here with a friendly team who nurtured my skills as a surgeon. In the last 17 years, it has been my pleasure to be involved in the care of a friendly and vibrant community. I am amazed by the diligence of my colleagues and co-workers in caring for our patients, especially during this pandemic over the past year. For these reasons, and more, I ask you to join us in raising funds for JPUH Charity, to support our local community. As we cycle 55 miles from London and Brighton this September, please donate enthusiastically for our local heroes at the James Paget University Hospital. (Urology Surgeon Lokesh Suraparaju)

Vamsi Velchuru