Tara Haines

Tara Haines will be reaching whole new heights when she raises funds for the James Paget University Hospital: she is raising money for A&E by climbing the highest mountain in England.

Picked to lead the women of England in the Nation’s Toast to the heroes of World War Two from the summit of Scafell Pike on May 8 2020, the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Paget employee Tara picked a charity close to her heart.

“It is such a privilege to have been chosen to represent England and it will mean even more because I am raising money for such an important cause,” she said.

“When you work at the James Paget, you see just how dedicated the staff here are and it’s great to see how the money raised for the charity can help.

“The Emergency Department is currently looking at enhancements for our patients such as a bereavement suite and improvements to the minors area.

“I am proud to say I have worked at the James Paget Hospital for 25 years.”

She added: “I think my biggest challenge on the day will be to arrive at the right time for the toast – not too early and definitely not too late!”

“Every breath and step I make on my ascent to the summit of Scafell Pike, will be in memory of all the men and women who contributed to the war effort during WW11 and your contributions will make a huge difference to my goal and to our local hospital.”