Stroke chairA special tilt-in-space chair that will make “a huge difference to patients” has been gifted to the Stroke Ward at the James Paget University Hospital.

The chair was purchased with funds from the hospital’s charity fund and cost around £3,000 – it offers extra support to patients around the head and the back, promoting good posture and aiding recovery.

The acute stroke unit is a 30-bedded ward which provides care for patients who have suffered from a stroke throughout their stay in hospital.

Once stabilised and transferred to the acute unit, the rehabilitation stage starts. If well enough, patients dress in their own clothes during the day.

Hospital charity fundraiser Maxine Taylor said: “The chair is used every day by stroke patients to aid their recovery.  It is a valuable piece of equipment which would not be available to patients on the NHS.”

The Stroke Ward was also able to purchase an iPad for patients to use as part of their recovery: a simple game played on the device can help rebuild skills and improve confidence.

A tumble drier and a washing machine have also been purchased using charitable funds which means that patients’ own clothes can be washed on the ward.